Thursday, April 3, 2014

New Name and New Editor Demo

In case you missed the announcement at the Connexions Conference this week, Connexions has been renamed to OpenStax CNX!  We have also renamed this blog to OpenStax CNX Developer Blog. You can visit us at The renaming give us a unique presence on the web and helps us build a family of OpenStax sites to provide open options for education.  Our other sites are available from

At the 2014 conference, we released a beta version of our new editor. It can be found at Log in using your CNX, Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts and give the new editor a try.  We would love to hear your feedback as we continue to work on it.  It is definitely beta software so expect to find bugs.  We will continue to update it we get ready for the public release at the end of June.

This blog has been dormant for the past few months which is not good.  Our plan is to start posting regularly again since we have lots of cool code happening in the OpenStax College textbooks and in the rewrite of OpenStax CNX.


  1. The redesign looks great! I found out about the conference a couple weeks too late or I would've been there. Looking forward to posting some new modules in the coming months.

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